2018 Year in Review

January 2, 2019

2018 has been such a good year ! It was filled with unforgettable weddings, sessions, events and of course the most important thing: having my baby girl in March! You can say that it has been a very busy – yet exciting – year!

I really love looking back at a year of weddings.  The review allows me a chance to reflect on the year, and it’s always a great time to reminisce all the fun memories I have from each wedding!

When I started 2018 I knew that it would be a very different year for me. Because of adding “Mother” to one of my titles I knew that I was going to have to scale back on some of my workload. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to photograph a wedding totting around a 2 week old baby and that I couldn’t spend hours editing pictures without taking a break. Looking back on 2018, I’m so grateful for not only the couples, for all the help from other photographers who have covered for me and but the personal growth I experienced because of this little bundle of joy I now have in my life.

Enjoy some of my favorites from all my weddings from this year.

Denis + Debra

Blog post: Denis + Debra

Mitch + Sarah Wedding

Venue: Park Inn Radisson

Blog post: Mitch + Sarah

Matt + Sara

Venue: The Stone Barn

Blog Post: Matt + Sara

Anthony + Hayley

Venue: Huntingdon Valley Country Club

Blog Post: Anthony + Hayley

Evan + Cara

Venue: Stone Mill Inn

Blog Post: Evan + Cara

Victor + Brianne

Venue: Deerfield Country Club

Blog Post: Victor + Brianne

James + Sarah

Venue: Penn Oaks Golf Club

Garland + Megan

Venue: Red Clay Room