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Boatwright’s Fall Family Pictures // ChesLen Preserve

I have no words for my time with this family other than: FUN! This was my second time taking pictures for the Boatwright family. You might’ve seen their family pictures I took in a Sunflower field. If not you can view it here: Boatwrights’ in the Sunflower Field. Erica was wanting some family pictures taken […]

Hoffman/Byrne Family Pictures // ChesLen Preserve

I LOVE taking pictures for families! I love seeing how each family is so unique in their interactions with each other and how they almost always end up laughing at inside jokes they have. Once everyone starts loosening up and getting comfortable, their personalities slowly start to peep out. Its a moment I always wait […]

Baby Maddie – Newborn // First family pictures

My brother and sister in law are beautiful people! I’ve watched them grow in love through dating to engagement through marriage and now in becoming parents for the first time. I’ve documented every stage of their relationship – except for their wedding – and it makes my heart so happy to see their love grow […]

Boatwright Family Pictures | Sunflower Field

Last week I was able to photograph this adorable family in the last few days of this sunflower field!! The Boatwrights were wanting to get their family pictures in the sunflowers before they got too droopy and boy, did we ever get lucky with this evening! They also wanted a few pictures to give to Erica’s […]

Kevin + Aminda’s 10 Year Anniversary

“Love grows more tremendously full, swift, poignant, as the years multiply.” –Zane Grey Get ready for a long blog post. But trust me. Its worth it. 🙂 Kevin + Aminda’s love story…. Have you ever read those love stories where a couple have met that make you think, “oh my gosh that’s not even real […]

“Z” Family

“Sometimes the most beautiful things are the things that you’ve waited for the longest” There’s always one thing in our life that we can relate to this quote. Whether it be a person we’ve waited for all our lives, or a stage in our life that we have always held out for. No matter what […]