Erica & Brian’s Longwood Gardens Engagement Session | Kennett Square, PA

August 30, 2019

Yet another beautiful Longwood Gardens Engagement session for the books! I just love this place so much. There’s something magical about Longwood Gardens that brings out a romantic and playful side to the couple’s I photograph there. Maybe its the breathtaking fountains that takes you back to another place and time or the waterfall that drowns out the noise around you. Whatever it is, I’m not the only one who feels it; this specific evening this couple felt it too.

Erica & Brian were SO much fun to take pictures for! I know I say this probably for every engagement session, but this one was REALLY fun! So much so that I lost track of time. These two were naturals when it came to posing. They jumped right into it without any prompts. Erica and Brian are so in love and Erica just adores Brian. You can see it practically in every picture! Brian makes Erica giggle and smile like a school girl does around her crush. I can not wait for their wedding next October. Until then, enjoy some of my favorites!

kate ❤︎