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Motivational Monday: Who motivates you?

So last week my friend Maria, who is starting her own business – Hidden Fire Media -, messaged me and said that she made a list of 5 people who motivate her. She said that I was one of 5 people that motivated her and inspired her to pursue her dreams of staring her own […]

Motivational Monday #2 First things first: Believe

What are you wanting to chase but your scared of the obstacles that might be in the way? It may be situations or people that may be your obstacles, heck it may even be yourself and your silly mind that takes over and tries to tell you that you could never ever do something like […]

Motivational Monday’s #1 Just Relax

It’s Monday, which so happens to be the day everyone despises the most because a) your alarm clock is set to go off earlier b) it’s the start of the work week or school week c) there’s 5 more days until the weekend *insert* loud groan. That being said I want to help motivate you. […]