“Z” Family

July 5, 2015

“Sometimes the most beautiful things are the things that you’ve waited for the longest”
There’s always one thing in our life that we can relate to this quote. Whether it be a person we’ve waited for all our lives, or a stage in our life that we have always held out for. No matter what it is that comes to mind when you read this quote, it can pertain to each and every one of us in our own private lives. This is also the case for Stella and Michael.

To start off…

This session was the perfect way to start off the month of July!! Back in May, Stella contacted me asking me if I could take her family pictures for her. They just welcomed a new baby boy into their lives and they wanted to capture these first few months with him! She asked me if I could recommend some locations where we could take pictures, and of course, I quickly suggested ChesLen Preserve. Chelsea is my go to place whenever I get asked to recommend a beautiful location. And of course it didn’t disappoint this time!

Now back to how this quote relates to this family….

For 6 years, Stella and Mike tried to have a baby. They waited. Prayed. Dreamed about one day having a little one to call their own. After many years of prayers and trying, God blessed them with this beautiful bundle of joy! They waited and boy was that wait worth it!! I could truly see the looks of joy on their faces. The sense of pride when they gazed at their little one. Ruben was like a little angel baby. He hardly even fused during the whole session. Having it been my first experience taking pictures of a 1 month old, I was spoiled by how perfect he was!

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect evening. It was a race to catch the sun as it was setting, but it was worth every click of the camera.

Stella and Mike, thank you both for allowing me to take pictures of your beautiful family! Enjoy! 🙂
ziegler 4ziegler 3
Even Grandma’s dog Max got in the pictures!!