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Living For More Fitness Photo Session – Chester County PA Photographer

If you’ve made New Years resolution to start working out more and get fit, then this blog post is for you! Sometimes we need that little push, motivation, and resources to get you through the “i don’t feel like it” mood we all go through when it comes to exercising and eating healthy. If you’ve […]

Valley Forge National Park Friend Photoshoot // Gabby, Tayna & Taylor

This was my first “friend” photoshoot and I’m so happy that it was these girls that I took pictures for! I’ve known Gabby for several years now, and ever since I started my photography business she always mentioned to me that she was wanting me to take pictures of her and her friends. Well, we […]

Elizabeth’s Fall Photoshoot | Barnard’s Orchard

Fall. I love fall. Seriously. I’m in love with the cool weather, taking pictures at orchards, pumpkins, old trucks and of course gorgeous models. Meet my stunning cousin Elizabeth. If you haven’t met her yet you are missing out. She is literally the funniest and sassiest girl I know! She knows how to make everything […]