It’s Friday I’m In Love #3

This week I’m in love with…… #1 Football season The sounds, the thrills, the beginning of the fall season, there’s just something about Football. It brings back so many memories of countless years of sitting next to my dad on the couch watching the game. So pumped for nights watching football and the sounds that […]

ChesLen Preserve Engagement Session | Dave & Kelly

Back in March I had the privilege of meeting Dave & Kelly and taking their family pictures at Hibernia Park! Right from the start I knew they had that spark that ignited the fire of their love. The way they look at each other, the way they goof off like best friends, and the way their love […]

Wisdom Wednesday’s #3: Living Without a Plan

How many times in our lives do we plan ahead for things? We plan because we are controlling, or just want to make sure we have a back up plan if things don’t work out. It’s fear that causes this. We are afraid of the unknown or what might happen. We think we have the […]

Terrain at Styers Glen Mills | Mary + Kate

2 weeks ago I was able to spend a day with this gorgeous girl at Terrain at Styers at Glen Mills. Seriously, this place is absolutely amazing and I LOVE going there every chance I can. My friend Mary and I always seem to find ourselves stopping in here to meet up for lunch or […]

Motivational Monday: Who motivates you?

So last week my friend Maria, who is starting her own business – Hidden Fire Media -, messaged me and said that she made a list of 5 people who motivate her. She said that I was one of 5 people that motivated her and inspired her to pursue her dreams of staring her own […]

It’s Friday, I’m In Love #2

Yay it’s Friday! So many good reasons why I love Fridays..hello its the end of the week  😉 Plus, I get to share my favorites from the week. this week I’m in love with..     #1 Ira Glass “The Gap ” video.  For all those artists out there who look to other artist’s work […]

It’s A Girl! | Ally’s Baby Shower

I’m going to be an aunt!! How exciting is that?! 2 weeks ago we had a surprise Baby Shower for my sister-in-law, Ally. She received SO many hugs, congratulations, and gifts. Everyone was anxiously waiting for her to arrive. 😉     Let’s just say everyone was excited to see Ally and my brother when […]

Wisdom Wednesday #2. 3 Simple Life Rules

Here is a little wisdom from me to you this Wednesday. There are 3 things you will ALWAYS find me saying to people around me when they need a little “push” in life whether it be in the small things or big things. Over the past few months I’ve gained a lot of wisdom and […]